About Me

Lucas CunninghamMy name is Lucas Cunningham and I am trained to be a car designer at Coventry University several years ago…. as a result I ‘ve an Merchant Advisor in Automotive Design Research. My true passion is auto-design and I am fortunate enough in order to share that passion with pupils of Vehicle Design as their teacher, although I have spent my early career as a designer/artist in the games industry.

I started this blog with a purpose to educate readers on what to look out for in a good design of automobiles without having much expectations that it will do well. However, a few months past and there was a shocking amount of readers logging in daily to visit my blog. On Ascalonart, you can expect the top notch tips and designs that I will produce and upload. Thank you for your support, I will continue to strive for only the best and keep you filled with the daily juice I upload.