Why Girls Should Read More

Lie on the couch with a blanket over you, a cup of tea and a good book. Is there anything better for book lovers? Nope, probably not. The next ten reasons remind you why reading is so much fun. Maybe it will be some time again to read a great book…

#1 Hunks… Hunks everywhere!
Very nice hear all those handsome guys on television, but the guys that pass by in books are just as fun… and maybe even more fun! You can let your imagination run free, so that you can see the perfect boy in front of you. Look, that makes reading a book just a little bit more fun.

#2 In one week to France, America and England
Free and for nothing you travel to the most magical countries. Would you like to go to Italy? Hopa-san, just look for a book that takes place in that country and you have faxed your trip. Would you like to go to America? No problem, there are plenty of books that are all too happy to take you there. Although you’ve never been in some countries before, it secretly feels a bit like that thanks to all the stories.

#3 Fangirl mode: on
Let’s be honest: Girls are very good at fangirling. There is also plenty to fangirl about when it comes to books. For example, that one nice hunk (Prince Maxon of The Selection trilogy!), that tough chick that you would prefer to have as BFF (Clary Fray!) or that nice couple you can’t get enough of (Four and Tris!).

#4 Frog
Are you not comfortable in your skin and do you want to get a good mood boost? No worries, books help you out. Decide for yourself what kind of story you want to read (funny, exciting, romantic… There is more than enough choice!) and read. Success is guaranteed, because once you are taken on board in a story that is very good, you are guaranteed to get out of your dip.

#5 Living a thousand lives
You have several handsome boyfriends who live in different countries, you have done the best things (fighting zombies, check. avoid war, double check…) and the nice thing is that there is a lot more to be done. Yes, you’re just going through a lot. The fact that it only happens in books doesn’t matter, of course, because you still live thousands of lives. Awesome.

#6 Dirty little secret
Do you know when you’re watching a movie with your parents and suddenly a sex scene is passing by? Ugh, awkward. Whether you’re reading an exciting or romantic book, no one knows. When you read a book known for certain scenes (Fifty Shades Grey *kuch*), it’s of course different, but in most cases you can just read what you want without worrying about the people around you.

#7 Anywhere, anywhere
You can read a book anywhere. In the train, at home, at school (okay, only during breaks) or while you are waiting somewhere else. You just throw your book in your bag and you can read it anywhere, anywhere.

#8 Smarty
Let’s be honest: when you read, you look pretty smart. If you watch films for hours in front of the television, you are called lazy, but if you read a book, then actually no comments can be made. It’s really good for your vocabulary, so you’re just learning Dutch… Then kind of!

#9 Movie time
Reading a book is a bit like watching a movie, but then in your head. You choose the actors and think about what the environment looks like. Watching a series or a movie is fun, but it’s even more fun if you can decide for yourself what the movie will look like.

#10 Pretty
If you ask book lovers about the best in their room, they are guaranteed to point to their bookcase. But hey, how could it be any other way: there is nothing better than a bookcase full of beautiful books. Ah, so pretty…

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